Friday, June 8, 2012

The Bosco Stomp for RISKy fiddlers

And we are back to Cajun music!  The fabulous Kim has brought us another outragous fiddle tune.  Listen to her play it here nice and clear, then watch the video below of the the Lost Bayou Ramblers playing it live.  Keep an eye on the bass player - I think he is actually balanced ON TOP of his double bass as he plays it!  That's some high energy music folks!

I typed up some sheet music for it too, feel free to print it out.  We'll learn the second part of this on Tuesday! Thanks Kim!

Bosco Stomp mp3, fiddle

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hangu from Podoloy

This evening's post is Hongu from Podoloy, and transitions into Freylachs from Podoloy.  Both are Old World Klezmer tunes, played by the Hungarian Klezmer band, Di Naye Kapelye.  We will learn the second tune in the fall!

 This second video is the Di Naye Kapelye Live!  Enjoy!

Newly posted, here's the sheetmusic for the tune!

Here's the viola part: