Saturday, November 17, 2012


Give the gift of MUSIC this holiday with a 10-week session of RISK plus a RISK T-shirt in your size,

ALL FOR $60!!  
Don't wait: orders must be recieved before December 3rd!

Our 2013 Season will begin on Jan. 15th and run through March 26th (no RISK the week of Feb. 19th).  See the calendar for more details

A great idea for grandparents or anyone seeking an experiential holiday gift.

To pay for your shirt and next season, send your name and phone number along with a check payable to:
Shane Jewell
20020 107th Ave SW
Vashon WA 98070
See you in January!
Shane and Kim

Friday, November 16, 2012


Dear RISK,

Thanks for a fabulous, musical, creative season!!  We look forward to rosining up the bows and tuning up the strings again on Jan. 15th, 2013!!

Our Evening RISK will begin on Jan. 31st and be held once a month on the LAST THURSDAY of each month.  So, mark your calendars.

We hope you enjoy a peaceful and music-filled holiday and new year.  

Cheers and Thanks, again,

Kim and Shane

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EVENING RISK!! 11/15/12

You are invited to our last EVENING RISK SESSION of 2012!!    Come out and jam tomorrow night (Thursday, 11/15) at the Roasterie.

We'll begin at 7 and go until about 8:30.    

Please use the FRONT MIDDLE DOOR on the porch.  The main door and the back doors will be locked

Looking forward to some rollicking fun!!


Kim and Shane

Monday, November 12, 2012

Set List for Concert 11/13/12 at Vashon Community Care Center

Set list for VCCC Concert; 11/13/12
1 Mari’s Wedding ---1 X play whole song, 1X sing first and second verse, 1X play whole song

2. Snowden's Jig:
start with rhythm
Violins come in 1X thru
All in at G chord
All together 2X
End with 4X sad 3 blind mice…then rhythm

 3. Swallowtail Jig X2

4. Elenor Rigby 3X

5. I's the B'y 
Instrumental 1X 
vocal 1X
instrumental 1X
2nd vocal verse 1X,
Instrumental last time thru

6. Bayou Pon Pon X2

7. Hangu Podoloy X2

8. Old Joe Clark X2

9. Comin' Home (cold ending)
All 1X
Max and Max w/echo 1X
Shane 1X
Kim 1X
Lars 1X
Sandy 1X
Rick 1X
Kai 1X
Kolo 1X
Ian 1X
Jane 1X
Jayden 1X
Anyone else?  Please let me know.  Also, let me know if you DON’T want to do a solo.

All together, repeat last 4 measures 3X with a cold ending

9. Cripple Creek X2 no repeats taken from music

10.  Mari’s same as above.  

Meet at Vashon Community Care Center!!

We will meet at the Vashon Community Care Center, North of Vashon town tomorrow at 3:30.  A set list for our concert was sent out last week.  It will be posted on the site as well.

Please bring a music stand if you need one.

Looking forward to sharing our fun with the seniors!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I's the B'y sheetmusic and lyrics in G

This evening I thought I'd post some music for I's the B'y, a song we taught way back before the blog got started.  The song's author is unknown, and may be a re-writing of an older ballad, but in it's most recent form, it originates in Newfoundland.  For more info and all the verses, click here.

Each chord gets 3 beats.  The chords for it are:


The melody is the top line:

The words vary widely depending on whose version you sing.  Here's the version we have sung:

I's the B'y who builds the boat
I's the B'y who sails her
I's the B'y who catches the fish
and brings 'em home to Liza

I took Liza to the dance
Faith but she could travel
Every step that Liza took
Covered an acre of gravel

From the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada - We are told that although the song may have originated in the 1870s, probably in a Newfoundland fishing village, interest in I's The B'y did not spread outside Newfoundland until after the song was heard and transcribed by two researchers interested in Newfoundland's folk traditions, Kenneth Peacock and Gerald S. Doyle. Its melody and lyrics were transmitted throughout Canada in the songbook Folk Songs of Canada by Edith Fowke and Richard Johnston (1954), relying on Peacock's transcription. Teachers and students outside Newfoundland were eager to learn about the music of the newest province, which had joined Canada a mere five years earlier, and I's the B'y quickly became a favourite of classrooms and choirs across the country.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The New RISK T-shirt is now available!

We are excited to announce that the new RISK T-shirts are ready to order, and they turned out great!


These shirts will be used for performances, but make great gifts for the whole family :)


Shirts can be ordered directly from Shane by telling him what quantities and sizes you want, or you can place your order online here:  Either way, give a check or cash to Shane for the total amount.

Shirts cost $18, the whole range of sizes from ultra small youth to ultra large adult are available.

Support the Rock Island String Kollective, order shirts for the your friends and neighbors this holiday season!