Sunday, March 31, 2013

Song List for VCCC Concert THIS TUES.

Song List for VCCC (4/2/13)  SEE YOU AT 3:45; Bring a stand if you need one.  I have 2 extras.  Let's have a blast!

1 Mari’s Wedding ---3 X

2. Bayou Pon Pon X2

3. Elenor Rigby 3X

4. Cluck Old Hen
aa bb X2

5. Hongu  Podoloy 1X(aa bb)—Frielach Podoloy 1X (aa bb)

6. Favorite Things 1X
ends on G chord

7. Swallowtail Jig X2

8. Here Comes the Sun:
Guitars: intro (verse), chorus
Everyone: verse, chorus
                 Verse, chorus

Bridge F  C  G  D X 4
Turnaround A7 A7  Em7 A7

Verse, Chorus

Bridge 3 times loud then fade for 3 more times guitars end on D chord.

9. Blackthorn Stick X1
(aa, bb)

10. Snowden's Jig:
start with rhythm
Violins come in 1X thru
All in at G chord
All together 2X
End with 4X sad 3 blind mice…then rhythm

11.  Mari’s Wedding –X3