Sunday, February 8, 2015

Roses in the Morning

Reilly & Johnny Calcago were back last Tuesday, February 3, 2015, to show us "Roses in the Morning." This is a traditional fiddle tune played by a Clyde Davenport; I looked him up and found he's an old Kentuckian, born 1921 and still alive, who plays fiddle and banjo. So I found a recording of him playing "Roses in the Morning," and here it is:!/search/song?q=Clyde+Davenport+Roses+in+the+morning

Here's a banjo version of the same song for Rowan and his aunt. (It loaded instantly at first try, then took forever later: apologies)

Here's Reilly and us playing at last week's RISK—

And to give you something to watch, here's a young lady from South Carolina, playing the same tune on her fiddle, backed up by a friend on guitar.

Finally, here's our sheet music. The top is the rhythm guitar chords, and on bottom the melody line for the fiddles.