Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red Haired Boy and The Beggarman

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the latest and greatest in the land of RISK! Today at the Roastery we started a new song, Red Haired Boy, and now, as promised, here is the sheet music and a video! Also, here is Red Haired Boy TAB for guitar and a Video for any brave guitarists, and here's Red Haired Boy Tab for Ukulele and a Video for any fearless Ukuleyers who would like to try out the tune!

Red Haired Boy

Fiddlers note:
  1. this sheet music is a rough guideline, and should not be followed note for note. Improvise!
  2. any time you see the same note twice in a row, add a "roll" or other decoration.
  3. this song works really well with double stops - try adding the open strings below the one the melody is on!

OK, now for the fun! We'll start off with a nice friendly version, then get wilder as we go :) See you all next week!




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