Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Road to Lisdonvarna

This week I'll bring a traditional Irish tune to Risk:

Here's Tab for the guitars, sheetmusic for the fiddles and chords for all! A traditional Irish tune, the kind that gets stuck in your head! And it is about an actual place, see below for the juicy details...

A little history of Lisdoonvarna..
Lisdoonvarna hosts an annual Matchmakers Festival and draws singles from all over the world. Each year, during the month of September, this small village on the western coast of Ireland offers the chance to find another lonely heart... The name Lisdoonvarna comes from 'Lios Duin Bhearna', which means the lios or enclosure of the fort in the gap. It was in the 18th-century when a top Limerick surgeon discovered the beneficial effects of its mineral waters. People travelled from near and far to bathe in, and drink, the mineral waters. It was due to the popularity of these mineral springs and the huge amount of people going there that led to the Lisdoonvarna "matchmaking tradition". September became the peak month of the holiday season and with the harvest safely in, bachelor farmers flocked to Lisdoonvarna in search of a wife.

-------------------------from "FiddleHangout.com"

Yours in Risk taking,

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