Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pentatonic/Blues Scale Tutorials!

This evening I thought I'd share some excellent tutorial videos of how to play the pentatonic or blues scale on all sorts of instruments. These scales are move-able to any key you want to play in! Warning: you WILL want to have your instrument IN YOUR HAND when you watch these videos, so you can try them out and play along :)

Violins/Violas/Cellos go here to see a 5 string electric fiddler:
Note: The performer (Shenzu) plays in a key that is great for Viola and Cello, not so much for violins. Violins should pause the video to try out the pattern on the G string, or shift to 3rd position on the A string to play along with the video.

Guitars go here to learn both minor AND major pentatonic scales:

Ukuleles go here to learn the minor pentatonic scale:
...and here for the major one:

Then watch this video for some inspiration of how to put some feeling behind the notes: Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Trio playing 'In the Cluster Blues' live!

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