Monday, October 8, 2012


***************UPDATE 10/16/12: ****************
We had a rockin' fun time last Thursday night at Minglement with 7 excellent players showing up to jam!  I have some recordings to post later this week.

The next EVENING RISK will take place on NOVEMBER 15TH, 7 PM, at the Roasterie.  Mark your calendars and join us if you can!

We will have our FIRST EVENING RISK get-together THIS THURSDAY!!

This group is open to anyone who wants to come out and share a musical hour plus.  Beginners welcome.  If you have RISK music already, please bring that along as we will probably do some of our favorite tunes.  You can find and print out or listen to all the music here on the RISK site!

The Roasterie is closed during the time we will be there, so bring a drink or snack if you need one.  There is a small fee of $5 per session.

Looking forward to some rockin' evening jams!!


Kim and Shane

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