Monday, January 14, 2013

RISK Songlist! New session starts this Tuesday @ 3:30

Welcome back everyone!

Nothing like a nice cold dark winter for toasty folk music.  Here is the list of songs we are playing this session!  Check the RISK Calendar, and mark your own calendars!

All players (or their supportive and loving parents) should print out all sheet music for this session, and place it in a black three ring binder to bring to RISK each week. Clicking on each song name will take you to the post about that song.

List of things to bring tomorrow:
  • black 3 ring binder with music
  • pencil for taking notes
  • your instrument of choice
  • $1, $5 or $10 for t-shirts, whatever you can afford
  • $40 for winter session dues (by the second session)
We're really excited to see where all the new developments this season take us!  Let's get together and make some noise!

Shane and Kim

Old Songs to bring back
Mari's Wedding
Gravel Walk
Eleanor Rigby
Bayou Ponpon
Blackthorn/Ten Penny/Swallowtail

New Songs
Cluck Old Hen
Sis Draper/Arkensas Traveller
Round the Horn
Favorite Things
All of Me
Don't mess with my Tutu
Freylachs from Podoloy
Hava Nagila
Here Comes the Sun

(Note: not all songs include sheetmusic!  Some will have to be learned by ear from the recordings and/or in RISK.)

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