Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Concert Deets: Be there at 12:30 for sound check!

Dear Dear RISK!

Well, after about a million emails, we have straightened a few things out:

Luke, our sound man ( we're a real band!) wants RISK there at 12:30 for a sound check.  This isn't totally imperative, so if it's a major hassle, we can work without you for the sound check.  You can show up and then leave after the sound check (20 mins. or so) and then return to the O space at 1:45 for the show.  Or you are welcome to stay around and check the action, listen to the Onlies do their sound check and get warmed up.

Here is the Set List:

Mairi's Wedding (the usual arrangement)

Boil Em Cabbage Down:  Opening Potatoes (4)
                                          Play tune 2X
                                          Sing 1X (boil em cabbage down down, bake them biscuits brown brown,                  
                                                        the only tune I ever did learn was boil em cabbage down down)
                                         Play tune 2X

Isaac Hannah's :  Play entire tune 2X

Minor Swing:  Intro by Sandy;
                        AABA repeat entire form 3X.  On 2nd time, violins drop out for Shane and Kim's solos.
                        On last time through the final A part, we end with the rhythmic pattern:
                        We Are Ending the song ( on Am).

Hangu from Podoloy into Freylachs from Podoloy:

2 X through Hangu starting quietly on A part and building then right into Freylachs.
2X through Freylachs slowing a little at the end.

Please call or email if you have any questions about this list.

Let's have a great show, and do invite your friends.

It's daylight saving's time!!

Thanks to all for your time and support!!

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