Tuesday, May 6, 2014

RISK Concert at the VCCC 4pm on Tue. May 20th

The Rock Island String Collective will perform at the Vashon Community Care Center at 4pm on May 20th.  We will perform the following songs:

Mari's wedding
Cripple Creek
Hall of the mountain swing / (shane flourish) / minor swing
Banish misfortune
Terk in amerika
Ashoken Farewell
Gravel walk
Ten Penny Bit
Bayou ponpon
Isaac Hannah
Mari's wedding

Put these songs in order in your folder, and practice the ones you don't know well!

On Tuesday the 20th, instead of heading to the roastery, go to the VCCC, and arrive at 3:40 to tune up and warm up, then we'll perform at 4pm. Concert dress is risk t-shirts.  We are putting in an order for t-shirts this week, if you want to order one, let us know! They cost between $15-$20 depending on the order size.

See you next week for our final run through at the roastery. Cheers!

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