Thursday, January 29, 2015

Salmon Tails Up the Water

At our January 28 meeting, Kat Eggleston & John Daly introduced us to "Salmon Tails Up the Water." Kat described it as another top tune at celtic music session gigs. Hunting it on YouTube, I found some really rocked-out versions, and it seems to be a fav at contra dances, too. So once we get the tempo up to dance-speed, we should have as much fun with this tune as we do with "Morrison's" or any other jig.

First off, the group recording made by Kim of Kat & John playing the tune slowly: here's the link to it on sound cloud:

Here's a very shaky but rip-roaring version from a gang of youngsters calling themselves "OysterBand" who are rocking the T√łnder Festival audience in Winnipeg, Canada. Catch the frontman fiddler in the deep back.

And here's the sheet music, should you need it. The beat is on the 1 & 3.

Swish those tails!

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