Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Brose & Butter / Britches Full of Stitches as a set

Here's two that John Daly & Kat Eggleston taught us last session:  "Brose & Butter / Britches Full of Stitches." Handy together because both song titles start with B. But they don't really work as a "set" because of the widely different time signatures: one's a 9/8 Slip Jig, the other's a 2/4 March. The dancers would be falling all OVER each other if you switched from 9/8 to 2/4 time!
     I learned the hard way in today's RISK session that "Brose & Butter" was actually given to us in a different key than this version. Here's what you get by just grabbing any old version of the tune off the Net—you end up playing off-key from your fellow RISK-takers!

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