Thursday, March 24, 2016

Folklife Info

Hello Musicians!

Here are the songs we will be playing for our up-coming Folklife appearance. 
This is NOT in set order yet, and there may be changes.  We are also working on getting music posted for some of the new songs.  


If any of you are available on TUESDAY, APRIL 5TH, AT 8:20 am, 
we will be rehearsing many of these songs with RISE (the younger group) in the Chautuaqua music room.  I'd love it if any or all Folklifers could join us.  This may require a note for McMurray students to leave school for an hour that day.  

Otherwise, we will be holding 3 rehearsals in May at Zombiez before Folklife.
All Thursdays:
May 12th, Zombiez,  3:45--4:45
May 18, Chautauqua Music Room, 8:20-9:05am
May 19th, Zombiez,  3:45--4:45
May 26th, Zombiez,  3:45--4:45

Here's the list:

Angelina Baker, key of D
Bayou Pon Pon, as we've done it
Boil Em Cabbage, as we've done it
Britches Full of Stitches, see website
Elk River Blues, see website
Mairi's Wedding, you all know this one!
Old Joe Clark, key of D
Star Wars Theme, we will have music posted soon
Yellow Submarine, key of G

Many of these songs we did last year and they should be on the website.  We are working on getting the others posted as soon as possible.

Thanks and looking forward to our Excellent Folklife Adventure!


Kim and Sarah

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