Thursday, May 26, 2016

Logistics & Bus Route to FolkLIfe


OUR PERFORMANCE TIME IS:  Friday, May 27th at 4:00 at the Center Theatre, with load-in at 3:20.  We have plans to busk either before or after our official performance.

Rendezvous at MOD PIZZA IN CENTER HOUSE (the Armory). 

We play DOWNSTAIRS at the CENTER THEATRE at 4:00. 

Boil Em  AA BB  sing AA
Mairi's AA  BB X 2 no singing
Star Wars 
Britches Full of Stictches--guitars melody on AA  then all on BB, then AA BB out
Angeline the Baker AABB X2
Bayou Pon Pon AA BB X 3
Yellow Submarine-- 

WE NEED KAZOO VOLUNTEERS!  We are looking for audience members to come up and play the Kazoo during Yellow Submarine.  I'll send a recording around.  It would be so much fun if siblings and/or parents wanted to do this!  I have 20 Kazoos.  We will talk more about this on Thurs.

Here's the bus route to Seattle Center. 

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